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About Real Steel Gym
Real Steel Gym is family-owned and operated in Oak Cliff Dallas Texas.This is the first and only Free Weight Gym in the Oak Cliff area with 3500 sq ft of free-weights including: Three sets of dumbbells 5 lbs to 150 lbs, benches, incline benches, barbells, power squats, power dead lifts, iron plates, and many circuit machines for a full bodybuilding experience.

Real Steel gym is privately own with limited memberships, we are an invitation-only facility – meaning one cannot use the facility without being invited by the gym itself or by another member of the gym. We offer much more privacy and one on one attention. Our gym features much of the same equipment as any other fitness centers or gyms, but may limit the number of users, meaning less wait time. The idea behind being a private gym is to provide privacy without the distractions of a public gym.